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  • Translation 12.2% Update 2011-11-16 - Revision 24447 - Version ZF 1.11.x

    Capítulo 29. Zend_Dojo


    29.1. Introduction
    29.2. Zend_Dojo_Data: Envelopes
    29.2.1. Zend_Dojo_Data Usage
    29.2.2. Adding metadata to your containers
    29.2.3. Advanced Use Cases Available Methods
    29.3. Dojo View Helpers
    29.3.1. dojo() View Helper Programmatic and Declarative Usage of Dojo Themes Using Layers (Custom Builds) Methods Available
    29.3.2. Dijit-Specific View Helpers Dijit Layout Elements Dijit Form Elements Custom Dijits
    29.4. Dojo Form Elements and Decorators
    29.4.1. Dijit-Specific Form Decorators DijitElement Decorator DijitForm Decorator DijitContainer-based Decorators
    29.4.2. Dijit-Specific Form Elements Button CheckBox ComboBox and FilteringSelect CurrencyTextBox DateTextBox Editor HorizontalSlider NumberSpinner NumberTextBox PasswordTextBox RadioButton SimpleTextarea Slider abstract element SubmitButton TextBox Textarea TimeTextBox ValidationTextBox VerticalSlider
    29.4.3. Dojo Form Examples
    29.5. Zend_Dojo build layer support
    29.5.1. Introduction
    29.5.2. Generating Custom Module Layers with Zend_Dojo_BuildLayer BuildLayer options Setting the view object Setting the layer name Including onLoad events in the generated layer Including captured JavaScript in the generated layer
    29.5.3. Generating Build Profiles with Zend_Dojo_BuildLayer Build Profile options

    29.1. Introduction

    Zend Framework ships Dojo Toolkit to support out-of-the-box rich internet application development. Integration points with Dojo include:

    • JSON-RPC support

    • compatibility

    • View helper to help setup the Dojo environment

    • Dijit-specific Zend_View helpers

    • Dijit-specific Zend_Form elements and decorators

    The Dojo distribution itself may be found in the externals/dojo/ directory of Zend Framework's distribution. This is a source distribution, which includes Dojo's full javascript source, unit tests, and build tools. You can symlink this into your javascript directory, copy it, or use the build tool to create your own custom build to include in your project. Alternatively, you can use one of the Content Delivery Networks that offer Dojo (Zend Framework supports both the official AOL CDN as well as the Google CDN).

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