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  • Zend_Gdata
  • Zend_Http
  • Zend_InfoCard
  • Zend_Json
  • Zend_Layout
  • Zend_Ldap
  • Zend_Loader
  • Zend_Locale
  • Zend_Log
  • Zend_Mail
  • Zend_Markup
  • Zend_Measure
  • Zend_Memory
  • Zend_Mime
  • Zend_Navigation
  • Zend_Oauth
  • Zend_OpenId
  • Zend_Paginator
  • Zend_Pdf
  • Zend_ProgressBar
  • Zend_Queue
  • Zend_Reflection
  • Zend_Registry
  • Zend_Rest

  • Zend_Search_Lucene
  • Zend_Serializer
  • Zend_Server
  • Zend_Service
  • Zend_Session
  • Zend_Soap
  • Zend_Tag
  • Zend_Test
  • Zend_Text
  • Zend_TimeSync
  • Zend_Tool
  • Zend_Tool_Framework
  • Zend_Tool_Project
  • Zend_Translate
  • Zend_Uri
  • Zend_Validate
  • Zend_Version
  • Zend_View
  • Zend_Wildfire
  • Zend_XmlRpc
  • ZendX_Console_Process_Unix
  • ZendX_JQuery
  • Traducción al 26.9% - Actualizado el 2011-11-16 - Revisión 24249 - Versión ZF 1.11.x

    71.5. Shipped System Providers

    In addition to the more useful project based providers that come shipped with Zend_Tool_Project, there are also some more basic, but interesting providers that come built into Zend_Tool_Framework. Some of these exist for the purpose of providing a means via the command line to extract information, such as the version, while others are intended to aid the developer when creating additional providers.

    71.5.1. The Version Provider

    The Version provider is included so that you may determine which version of the framework that the zf or Zend_Tool is currently set to work with.

    Through the command line, simply run zf show version.

    71.5.2. The Manifest Provider

    The Manifest provider is included so that you may determine what kind of "manifest" information is available during the Zend_Tool runtime. Manifest data is information that is attached to specific objects during Zend_Tool's runtime. Inside the manifest you will find the console specific namings that you are expected to use when calling certain commands. Data found in the manifest can be used by any provider or client on an as-needed basis.

    Through the command line, simply run zf show manifest.

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