Introduction to Zend Framework

 Learning Zend Framework


 Zend Framework Reference

  •  Zend_Gdata
  •  Zend_Http
  •  Zend_InfoCard
  •  Zend_Json
  •  Zend_Layout
  •  Zend_Ldap
  •  Zend_Loader
  •  Zend_Locale
  •  Zend_Log
  •  Zend_Mail
  •  Zend_Markup
  •  Zend_Measure
  •  Zend_Memory
  •  Zend_Mime
  •  Zend_Navigation
  •  Zend_Oauth
  •  Zend_OpenId
  •  Zend_Paginator
  •  Zend_Pdf
  •  Zend_ProgressBar
  •  Zend_Queue
  •  Zend_Reflection
  •  Zend_Registry
  •  Zend_Rest

  •  Zend_Search_Lucene
  •  Zend_Serializer
  •  Zend_Server
  •  Zend_Service
  •  Zend_Session
  •  Zend_Soap
  •  Zend_Tag
  •  Zend_Test
  •  Zend_Text
  •  Zend_TimeSync
  •  Zend_Tool
  •  Zend_Tool_Framework
  •  Zend_Tool_Project
  •  Zend_Translate
  •  Zend_Uri
  •  Zend_Validate
  •  Zend_Version
  •  Zend_View
  •  Zend_Wildfire
  •  Zend_XmlRpc
  • ZendX_Console_Process_Unix
  • ZendX_JQuery
  • Update 2011-11-16 - Revision 24438 - Version ZF 1.11.x

    B.3. Zend Framework 1.8

    When upgrading from a previous release to Zend Framework 1.8 or higher you should note the following migration notes.

    B.3.1. Zend_Controller

    B.3.1.1. Standard Route Changes

    As translated segments were introduced into the new standard route, the '@' character is now a special character in the beginning of a route segment. To be able to use it in a static segment, you must escape it by prefixing it with second '@' character. The same rule now applies for the ':' character.

    B.3.2. Zend_Locale

    B.3.2.1. Default caching

    As with Zend Framework 1.8 a default caching was added. The reason behind this change was, that most users had performance problems but did not add caching at all. As the I18n core is a bottleneck when no caching is used we decided to add a default caching when no cache has been set to Zend_Locale.

    Sometimes it is still wanted to prevent caching at all even if this decreases performance. To do so you can simply disable caching by using the disableCache() method.

    Example B.3. Disabling default caching


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